Are you one of the thousands asking, “What’s happening to my face?” We know climate changes can play havoc on our skin, but we have greater threats today. Here are the…….


1. BLUE RAY DAMAGE has skyrocketed since 2020 as well as the growing concerns people are expressing about their deep wrinkles, and crepe skin around their cheeks, mouth & eye area, along with their prematurely thinning skin that tears and reddens easily. In the past two years many of us work, and communicate through computers, iPads, and cell phones producing this noticeable breakdown we’re seeing in our skin.

2. INCREASED MEDICATION/STRESS/ ANXIETY we know people are taking more medications than ever before. This plays a big roll in people’s overall health, and it shows up in their skin, and nails, along with people experiencing massive hair loss.

3. BIOENGINEERED FOODS Did you know that 75% of our foods are bioengineered? SCARY! While these foods are being banned from many countries because of the dangers they present to our bodies; the USA still produces them. Read your ingredients, and try to bypass these foods when you’re shopping to help prevent rapid aging in our children, and young adults, as well as yourselves.

I’ve spent the past several years working with a team of doctors, and professionals to find solutions on how to combat these concerns. My team is always looking for the most natural approach to kick start our own bodies into reproducing new healthy cells without the use of injectables, laser, or strong chemical peels. People are spending tens of thousands of dollars to feel better about their appearance when there is a solution that costs a fraction of this amount.


No one wants to experience this premature aging that’s happening to us because of health concerns, technology, and environmental damage that we cannot control. If you are looking for a way to erase years from your face, neck, and chest without having to spend thousands of dollars to do it; we offer the most natural way to prompt your skin into producing new, healthy collagen, and elastins resulting in firmer, brighter, smoother looking skin. If you want to minimize deep lines, hyperpigmentation, age spots, shrink large pores, and bring back that glowing, and healthier appearance call Alisa Florio at 491-680-1486 to make your appointment today for your needling consultation.