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If you want to look and feel confident in your personal and professional life this information is for YOU!

 Alisa Florio at Profiles by Alisa has helped thousands of people find solutions for her clients for the past 39 years.

Alisa is able to read your skin, and study your bone structure while listening to your desires for change. She will put together a plan of action to fit your needs, and give you the best results.

Men and women have been seeking professionals in the beauty industry for centuries to help them feel, and look their best. Some people know what they want before they come to Alisa, and others may know that they want something done, but they aren’t sure what that something is. No worries, Alisa is trained all the way up to train the trainer, and if she doesn’t have the answers she will find it for you through her circle of professionals from around the globe.

Science has taught us that our skin is a live organ as well as the largest organ with a memory of sorts, and is forever changing. Having a team of beauty professionals as part of your inner circle of life will help you find the right pathway to success in whatever age group you fall in. Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel good about how they look!

At Profiles by Alisa you will find that Alisa has extensive training, and certifications in…

Permanent Makeup for the brows, eyeliner, lips, and scar camouflaging, as well as micro pigmentation for hair loss along the hairline, part line, and throughout the scalp. You will love the way you wake up looking fresh saving both time, and money!

Needling is safely fooling your skin into producing new healthy collagen, and elastins. When done properly this is a fabulous service which aids in smoothing out deep wrinkles from the face, neck and chest area. Alisa’s clients experience lifting at the jawline, and firming under the chin as well as the neck and chest area. She also does needling in a series of treatments that has prevented people from spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on face lifts!

Removal of Skin Imperfections such as age spots, moles, skin tags, whiteheads on the eye area, scar tissue, broken capillaries, cholesterol deposits, freckles, and more. Alisa does the removal of these annoying skin growths with a high-frequency electrical current that brings the skin back to its natural appearance without any cutting.

Derma Planing  to slough off unwanted dead cells and rid the face of peach fuzz. This also brightens and firms the skin while it evens out the skin tones, and can minimize hyper pigmentation. Alisa ends her treatments with a relaxing mask to soothe their skin care needs. People leave loving how baby butt smooth their skin feels.

Skin Care Products that are doctor formulated and sold through Alisa’s studio to meet specific needs of her clients. With the use of her product line you are able to catapult your skin into achieving more desirable results

Did you know that thousands of people struggle with being able to look in the mirror,  and love the person who is looking back at them?

There are so many things that keep individuals from looking into the mirror because they do not like what they see. Alisa has a burning desire to help solve these concerns with strategic services that she can perform. She wants you to be able to look into the mirror, and love what you see!

Alisa has always been fascinated with the art of discovering new techniques, tools, and products to create the best results while using a more natural approach to meeting the needs of her clients. Alisa has thoroughly enjoyed the journey of deep diving into the beauty industry studying with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, doctors who formulate skin care products for pre and post op care,  along with makeup and hair styling icons from around the globe. She loved the beauty industry so much that she became like a sponge for over 30 years absorbing everything she could to help benefit the hundreds, and now thousands of clients she has had the pleasure of working with.

This passion to help transform people into feeling their best is what has led Alisa to become a master artist. She is dedicated to serving the needs of  her clients by continuing her education for up to date solutions that will  help resolve many of the concerns artist, and technicians are faced with in the beauty industry today.

Alisa has had the honor of working with clients who’ve survived fires, car accidents, cancer treatments, as well as environmental damage from work environments. She has helped people who have experienced rapid aging from illnesses, foods that we eat, and lifestyles. Clients come to her who have experienced uncomfortable scarring from birth defects that from cleft lip, all the way to physical abuse. Sufferers of hair loss due to chemo, radiation, thyroid, and other types of treatments. She also works with people who have rising concerns from their anxiety and stress, medications, and hereditary happenings.

Alisa has found that her clients can find comfort through one, or a combination of treatments that offers them more time, and money freedom by not having to spend hours in front of the mirror using numerous products to cover up imperfections that they want to hide.

Clients connect with Alisa through doctors, client referrals, magazine articles, internet searching, Facebook  along with many other forms of communication. Alisa is regarded as a Master in her field with a reputation for being able to create natural looking brows that help add a lift to the eyes, and giving skin a smoother, brighter appearance by helping people erase 10-20 years.

Alisa uses a technique that falls between both the Micro Blading and a Permanent Makeup approach. When talking with Alisa you can hear the confidence she holds as a creative  artist who has grabbed onto her many mentors skills, and honed them to fit the needs of her clients.

This has helped her get a better understanding of choosing the necessary tools, pigments and techniques that are essential to getting the best results. The well being of her clients drives Alisa to bring them the best experience she can, at an affordable price, with the most noticeable results as she uses a more natural approach.

You will find her studio equipped with the latest technology & equipment, and your safety and comfort are of the highest concern. She is dedicated to providing the perfect balance of exceptional service, quality products, and inspiration to her clients in a relaxing atmosphere.

We are certain that every one of you reading this has questions that you would like to find solutions to. Give Alisa a call today, and she will help you find the answers to your questions. 

Alisa Florio at  419-680-1486 

Know that YOU are what helps us THRIVE, thank you!