Have you been looking in the mirror wondering what to do about these lines that seem to be getting increasingly deeper, and what about these age spots along with this uneven skin tone, or these large pores that make my skin look dull and aging?

This is how many of the men and women feel about what’s happening with their skin when they come to Profiles by Alisa for skin care treatments and solutions.

We can fight back!

If you are wanting to reverse the signs of aging, and are looking for the best treatment that uses a more natural approach without spending tens of thousands of dollars on face & neck lifts, and injectables; then your solution is NEEDLING and my ARS SKIN CARE SYSTEM. When these two are used together clients have experienced some amazing results.

If you work in unpleasant environments, have health challenges, and poor skin conditions from stress, medications, heredity, or scar tissue from acne, birth, cancer, and injury these are the biggest reasons my clients have reached out to me for help.

I’ve been needling clients, and fooling their skin into shedding itself of its old, dull, worn out texture, to this vibrant healthy glowing skin for over 20 years, and it still amazes me how even the client with the largest pores, some of the deepest facial expressions, lip lines, and sagging necks have experienced improvement.

This technique I use along with the practice of continuing education from the professionals, and doctors in the skin care field that I have trusted, and admired for their wisdom, trainings, and resources for many years now; has proven itself to transform unwanted skin to skin that clients notice improvements, and love what they are seeing. This speaks volumes to me for my clients!

Scar tissue, and skin that is crying out for help can be very difficult for the person who walks around wearing this every day, and needling along with the proper skin care regimen can be a definite life changer for these clients.

If you are tired of looking in the mirror, and not liking what you are seeing call today to see what we can do to help you love your skin. We will analyze your needs, and if we don’t have the answer to your question we will find it through our trusted resources, and experienced team.

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