This is one of those times of year that clients are asking,

“What can I do to wake up my skin?”

They go on to explain how they are getting all these wrinkles, and fine lines, and they need solutions.

Most of us are using some kind of moisturizer by the age of 20 to help our makeup go on smoother. Then you start to notice these breakouts from your moisturizer, and/or your makeup so you try a different brand. This cycle seems to repeat itself until one day you look in the mirror, and begin to notice these fine lines that are starting to show up. As more time goes on these fine lines start to take on a little more character, and then they become part of your expressions.

I know for myself I tried just about everything to have that beautiful, youthful glow. Especially when my face began hyper pigmenting after my pregnancies. Then I was seeing these expression lines becoming more pronounced, and since 2020 most of us have spent more time in front of our computers, iPads, and cell phones. This blue ray damage we now see in the beauty industry has definitely taken our expertise to a higher level. We are seeing more skin damage to the face, neck, jawline, and chest than the sun damage we have seen for the majority of people today.

When I see these clients for the first time their skin is literally crying out for help!

It’s important for you to know that I have done extensive research on how to treat most every skin type, and condition within my realm of expertise. Virtually all the doctors, surgeons, and dermatologist that I have had the pleasure of working with, and picking at their brains to gain more of their specialized knowledge have agreed that NEEDLING is the most effective form of treatment to prompt your skin into waking up.

We are essentially fooling the skin to believe it’s been invaded so it will create the collagen, and elastins that we need to have a more youthful appearance without the use of laser, injectables, and strong chemicals.

Of course, it’s also just as important to know that using a specifically formulated skin care regimen to address your personal needs will help to sky rocket your results. When I first heard this from the doctor that I get my skin care from I couldn’t wait to get started!

NEEDLING is considered one of the safest, and most natural approaches to giving your face, neck, and jawline a refreshed appearance. Needling is very effective in encouraging your face, neck, chest and jawline to shed it’s old, worn out canvas, and promote the body to produce a new, healthy canvas to come to the surface.

Needling helps to close down large pores, smooth rough texture, minimize deep wrinkles, lessen, and even eliminate fine lines before they become your permanent expressions. For more than 20 years I have been using needling to help my clients achieve results.

It all began with a phone call from a woman who heard of me from one of my clients. She explained how she had been everywhere and no one could help her. The greater part of her face had raised, deep, hypo pigmented scaring from an accident. She heard that I might be able to help her by smoothing out her scars. She had looked everywhere and had not found the results she was hoping for.

After 3 treatments; the scarring from her accident, and the trauma from acne and acne scarring became so much smoother, and her trauma story was totally transforming before our eyes.

Since her transformation I have gone on to educated myself on the best approach for may clients corrective skin care treatments, and have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people.

If you have any concerns with your skin I would love to hear from you! My name is Alisa Florio, make that call today to find out more information on what needling can do for you at 419-680-1486