Tons of people come to me throughout the year with questions about permanent makeup, skin care regimens & treatments, and the corrective procedures that I offer from right here in Fremont, OH. I’ve been able to help people from the inside/out all over Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Florida, Indiana, and I’m still growing, and I’m loving it!

Over the next several posts I will be sharing with you truths in the beauty industry that will be CRUSHING IT on some of these myths, and questions that many of my clients ask me when they come in looking for answers to solve their concerns.

First, let’s talk about PERMANENT MAKEUP for the BROWS and EYELINER.

The 2 most common questions that always go hand in hand are:

  1. Does it hurt?
  2. What is the down time?

The permanent makeup industry has come a long way in the art of tattooing along with being able to control the pain factors for sure. As a professional in this industry for 30 years now I’ve learned which numbing agents are the most effective, and which pigments stay truer to color over time.

In these photos you can see my clients before, and directly after. You can also see she has minimal swelling allowing her to get right into her normal daily routines with the confidence that no one is noticing that she just had a brow & eyeliner procedure done. Every person is different in how their skin responds. I tell people they may have the feeling of allergy eyes for the next 24-48 hours.

You can see how these two procedures have erased time, giving my client added beauty with a fresh appearance to her natural features without the daunting hours of daily conventional makeup applications.

These two procedures normally go hand in hand for many of my clients. Women spend an average of 33+ hours a month in front of the mirror drawing on their brows and eyeliner. They also spent an average of 18 hours a month touching up their brows, and eyeliner throughout the day. This is a total of 51+ hours a month applying just their brows & eyeliner. Who has time for this?

What I find even more interesting is that most of these women are still frustrated with how they look after spending all of these hours because they can’t get their brows even, they hate how their makeup smears, and they loose that fresh looking appearance midway through their working day. Not to mention; how repeated fussing around the eyes causes crows feet to form early on.

Having your brows & eyeliner professionally placed and applied can erase years, and enhance the natural appearance of your beauty. I’ve always believed that our eyes are the windows to our soul. Women want people to look into their eyes, and see her real expression of beauty from the inside!

So here you have it ladies, we having great numbing to help you relax and feel minimal during your procedures, and women are able to keep on going with their busy lifestyles with no down times after her procedures.

If you want to add time to your lifestyle, and enhance your natural beauty I can’t wait to talk to you! Call ALISA FLORIO today so we can get you scheduled at 419-680-1486. Know that you are worth investing in yourself, and feel a big hug from me to you!