Creating Beautiful Brows


These past few weeks of creating beautiful brows from the ages of 19-72 has reminded me that even after drawing on thousands of brows, at this point in my career, no 2 faces are the same. Each client has their own unique canvas the same as the identity of a fingerprint.

Taking the time to do a complete consultation gives me, as an artist, the opportunity to study the characteristics of the live canvas I will be drawing on.

The condition of the clients skin, whether it is dry or oily, are their pores large or small, what age group am I working with to allow room for the stretching of their skin, do they have droopy eyelids; these are just the beginning of an artists observation.

An artist can never go wrong when they stick to drawing on a classic brow. By doing this, they can keep the color to a more natural tonal value and a shape that can be utilized to create a timeless brow; allowing room for future hair strokes to be added as the client loses more natural hair with age, and the fading of pigment due to the elements their skin is exposed to.

I believe perfectly placed brows can be challenging when drawing on with either a pencil that can be wiped off or when using a tool for a lengthier time frame. Finding the right color tone and shape is essential to the longevity of the artists portrait. Their is a science to a brow design and a chemistry to formulating a color that lasts a duration of time and has a pleasing flow to the individuals overall appearance.

Future touchups are going to be necessary throughout the life of your creation. Like everything else that is exposed to environmental elements you will experience fading, and you want to ensure the best performance. These touchups normally range from 2-7 years depending on each clients preference and needs. These touch ups play a vital role in the longevity of maintaining a beautiful brow, and normally come with a lesser cost than the initial creation of the more permanent or long term eyebrow.

I also believe the most important feature of an individual is their brows, which ultimately is connected with the eyes. When one’s brows are missing or have broken sections in the natural flow, the onlooker tends to move their attention across the canvas of the person they are looking at and this can be disruptive to the person who is wanting to maintain a pleasing eye contact.

Over the years I have noticed the rise in confidence as my clients leave the artisans seat. Their whole body structure changes. They rise from the lounging chair with their shoulders parallel and ready to meet their onlookers with the reassurance of what they consider to be a flawless appearance; they now feel balance to the over all structure of the one part of their body that none of us can hide.

Yes we can mask it for a time period, but this becomes daunting after a while. Life can keep us busy with high demands that don’t allow time for us to put that perfect face on everyday with a pencil or powder.

A common fear most people will ask about is, “What will I look like while my brows are going through the scabbing period?” Here is a picture a client sent me yesterday after having her procedure on December 22, 2 weeks and 2 days after her brow treatment. All 3 pictures in this post are from a 19 year old someone had recommended to come see me because she was self conscience of having no eyebrows, and it was hard for her to get them even everyday while trying to keep up with her hectic lifestyle. When I called her to ask her if she could send me a picture she went on and on about how her and her friends love her brows, how natural they look, and she is so thankful for the time I took to make her feel comfortable enough to follow through with having them done. I responded with, “I too am thankful for you trusting in me to be the one to do them for you!”

I love the sparkle in these clients as they leave, and I look forward to them coming back in for more procedures until they’ve had their brows, eyeliner and lips done. This releases the stress of them having to take time to put makeup on at all!

One woman told me yesterday, “I don’t know what to do with myself any more in the mornings because I have all this free time now, so I sleep longer. I’ve never been able to do that before!”

All people have a beauty within them waiting to be discovered. Each having their own canvas, characteristics, personalities, color tones, and lifestyles. I am privileged to have discovered the talents God has placed in my fingers with a heart to pursue his purpose and a desire to help others discover their unique selves!

Thank you so much for adding to my life purpose by trusting me to design your Beautiful Brows!

Happy New Year, much love, and God bless you all!!

Alisa Florio