Can You Get Rid Of My Sagging Skin?

This is probably the most asked question from both my male and female clients today, “Alisa, what can you do to get rid of this sagging skin around my jawline and my neck?” As they grab the loose skin around these areas of concern.

The Truth Is: our skin is at battle with this blue ray activity going on all around us. In the past 2 years people have spent massive amounts of time in front of their electronics, and these tools of communication have become huge culprits to rapid breakdowns occurring in our skin.

The innovative leaders in the beauty industry have recognized this growing problem, and we are all out to find solutions.

The skin around our face, neck, and chest get 24/7 exposure unless, of course, we cover it up. The whole idea is to feel good about ourselves and to show our faces without feeling self conscious about what is happening to our skin.

We all want to look & feel our best!

Some of my clients are working in front of 2 and 3 computers a day, and then they go home and sit on their cell phones, or iPads for an additional hour, sometimes longer. Even for those who do not use computers, iPads, or cell phones they too cannot escape the blue ray exposure that radiates throughout our environment.

When a client asks me if I can get rid of their sagging skin, I ask them some questions to get a better understanding of their health, and lifestyle, and 98% of the time my response is, “Yes, I believe I can help you.”

If a client is looking for something outside of my realm of expertise, I will refer them to someone who may be able to assist them further. The first step is to find out which approach will work the best to target each persons greatest concerns.

It is said that the average person spends well over $20,000.00 for injections and surgical procedures to combat sagging skin for the neck area alone. I find this very interesting, and I have also found it to be true with the many clients who have come to my studio for services after they have had series of injectables, and/or a neck lift. If you are an individual who is looking for instantaneous results, and wanting to remove excess skin; then injectables, and/or surgical procedures may be your best options.

But, if you are looking for a more natural approach that is a fraction of this cost, then I may have the solution for you.

Products alone are generally not going to be enough to slow down the blue ray damage that is causing these breakdowns in our skin, and many people find it beneficial to seek out procedures, and treatments; along with their daily product regime to get the desired results they are looking for.

5 things you can do to help slow down the damage that blue ray is doing to your skin, and to kick start your bodies natural cell reproduction to turn back the clock on your skin for a brighter, healthier, and firmer looking skin without the use of injections or surgery:

Derma Planing along with Needling are the #1 go to treatments in the beauty industry today to combat sagging skin by fooling your skin into producing new collagen and elastin, therefor firming & adding lift to the skin naturally in a controlled manner.

#2 Using skin care products that are specifically formulated to have blue ray blockers that will effectively shield your skin.

#3 Use eyewear with blue ray protection when using your electronics.

#4 Turn down the brightness, and keep them as far away from you as comfortably possible while using them. Also, position your phone, computer, or iPads so that they are straight forward and out while you are using them.

#5 There are Apps available that you can download to protect you from blue ray exposure

If you have any questions, or would like more information on skin care, treatments, and procedures to help prevent blue ray damage and to find solutions to your skin care concerns please feel free to contact Alisa Florio at Profiles by Alisa 419-680-1486.