What is happening to my face?

Needling could be the answer you’ve been looking for

What is happening to my face, and neck? In the colder months we cover up with hats, scarves and heavy jackets. Spring is when we start to expose a little more skin and we look in the mirror at our face and necks, and many of us don’t like what we see happening. This thicker layer of skin that has built up over the winter is showing signs of aging from the blasts of heat & cold, and dry exposure and we want solutions to these things popping up like wrinkles, loose skin, dark spots, uneven skin tones, rough skin texture, and scar tissue are the biggest reasons people are calling for their Needling & Derma Planing treatments. And by the way, if your thinking of going to injections, you might want to find out more about the benefits of these procedures before you fork out the big bucks. Needling is used to stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin to produce new healthier & brighter looking skin by the use of these micro needles applied over the skin at different depths of penetration. When I say, “Needling,” people think of injections, but the truth is, these micro needles are penetrating just enough to bring blood to the surface, but not to create bleeding. I also use a topical anesthetic for comfort control. The intention is to use your own body to heal itself and repair your skin naturally by using needles that create these micro injuries to your skin in an effort to wake up the collagen producing soldiers that have fallen asleep. Products alone will not give you this rocket booster to a more beautiful complexion. Derma Planning is a necessary extension of this treatment so that all the old dead cells that just sit on your face get sloughed off allowing new healthy cells to come through. With the growing concern of the environmental damage over the past several year this has been noted as one of the safest, and most affective for long term effects on the skin if it is done properly by a well trained technician. Needling has also been used on the scalp for successful hair restoration, and different areas of the body to therapeutically relieve pain, and stress. Needling can be used on all areas of the body and is safe for all skin types. From what I have learned about needling and I am seeing in my clients, Needling in conjunction with Derma Planing and targeted Skin Care Products can produce some amazing results without the use of injections, laser, and strong chemical peels. I have always been one of those women looking for a more natural approach to younger looking skin, and I’m pleased to share with you what I’ve discovered. All of us want to have healthy, firmer, brighter & smoother looking skin. Needling is one of the safest treatments available to help you get there. If you would like to know more about Needling, Derma Planing or Skin Care that will give you results call Alisa Florio at 419-680-1486 today.