Creating Timeless Makeup

Permanent Eyeliner & Brow Treatment

Women are looking for a way to reverse the damage our environment is creating for us today, what better way than to create timeless makeup with permanent makeup!

Permanent Makeup is absolutely a wonderful answer to filling in missing brows, enhancing eyes with eyeliner, and lasting lip color. Women feel better with some type of enhanced makeup and many of us are searching for age defying, or anti-aging skin care products to slow down these increased expression lines.

Women come to me because they want to improve their appearance and make their busy lifestyles easier. With the growing demand of our time, women don’t want to spend time drawing on the eyebrows they’ve lost over the years, or maybe never had. Their tired of checking the mirror for eyeliner smudges and reapplying their lipstick, or dealing with bleeding lines as it spreads to unwanted areas. And they want someone to direct them towards a product line to help minimize and even illuminate some of those wrinkles that keep creeping up.

I am very thankful that I have had the pleasure of being able to help thousands of men and women find solutions to these concerns over the years and I look forward to continuing in this wonderful industry. When people feel better about their appearance it can take loads of worry off their shoulders, therefore allowing them to have more freedom of their time. If you have any areas of concern and want to schedule your treatment today for your brows, eyes, lips, or skin care please feel free to contact Alisa at 419-680-1486. Have a wonderful day!

Cancer & Permanent Makeup

Did you know that the American Cancer Society says in the United States alone cancer will occur in 3 out of 4 families, and cancer plays no favorites?

My Mom was working in the professional field when she was diagnosed with cancer. Like most people who are struck with cancer, she couldn’t afford not to work. She continued at her job while undergoing radiation, and chemo treatments. Mom lost all her hair including most of her brows, and eyelashes; just like the client I’m going to share with you today.

Patty’s before Permanent Makeup

Patty was happy to share her pictures with you to help others who are going thru the turmoil of hair loss with cancer. She wanted you to see the benefits of the Permanent Makeup

Patty after Permanent Brow & Eyeliner

We can put clothing on, and wear decorative hair pieces to cover scars and loss of scalp hair, but our eyebrows and eyelashes will give the cancer away every time! Mom was self conscious of her appearance which became the motivator for me to learn how to do permanent makeup. Now, 25 years later, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of men & women like Mom, and Patty.

As cancer is on a rampant rise, so is the need to look, and feel as normal as possible while going through this devastating experience. Hope, Faith, and Self confidence makes all the difference in the world!



Did you know you can WAKE UP YOUR SKIN with a DERMA PLANING FACIAL?

 YES, IT’S TRUE!  Our face gets year round exposure which makes us vulnerable to all types of environmental damage. Then when we add other factors like age, stress, and poor eating habits our skin can respond to this invasion, or lack of nourishment, by going into a dormant phase. This means the elasticity in our skin doesn’t have the bounce back that it once did. We can see visible signs of its resilient nature going into a sleep mode. So, if you’re wanting to GET YOUR GLOW ON


For the month of November you can earn $10 towards any Skin Care purchase of      $80 or more when you have your DERMA PLANING FACIAL

If you have any questions, or you would like to schedule your facial treatment today call Alisa Florio at 419-680-1486 You can also go to for more information.




Did you know the sun and automobiles break down your skin making you look years older than you

really are? Ask your Beauty Consultant today if your skin would benefit from having a Derma Planing

Treatment and where you can have this refreshing service done. Derma Planing will remove the old,

dead skin cells that rest on your face causing your skin to appear blotchy, and dull. This treatment

allows you to see the immediate improvements on your first visit. The benefits you will see are:

-Brighter looking skin   – Pores become smaller and free from debris   – Facial lines, and

expression wrinkles appear smoother   –  Blotchy, uneven skin tones & age spots lessen

leaving the skin color looking more even; giving an overall healthier appearance.

                                              You will receive 2 added bonuses with the Derma Planing Treatment

1. Removal of peach fuzz and facial hair. With each Derma Planing visit you will notice your

facial hair becomes weaker and lesser. 2. You will save money on your foundation when

you use less makeup and love the ease of your makeup applications.

Call your Beauty Professional today and feel the luxury of a smoother complexion. If you need help or have any

further questions please feel free to contact Alisa Florio at Profiles by Alisa, 419-680-1486.





“Women who want to feel confident about themselves!”

As we enter into a new season the phone lines are getting busy again at Profiles by Alisa with this main focus, “Women who want to feel confident about themselves with a Fresh, New Look!One that gives her a freer expression of herself without the use of tons of makeup, with the added benefit of time management, and skin care products that will give her noticeable results. Many women balance life with children, grandchildren, careers, and a significant other; while fretting over stress related issues such as: hair loss in their brows and lashes, scar tissue from acne breakouts, wrinkles and age spots, as well as dull, uneven skin tones.

To answer the most popular questions on how to achieve this Fresh, New Look; here are the most noticeable treatments available, and the most affordable in the beauty industry; as an alternative to laser or surgery


Women come to Alisa to feel confident about how they look and to eliminate hours in front of a mirror. Here are the most effective treatments with longer lasting results that have Wellness/Beauty Clinics popping up all over!

PERMANENT MAKEUP may not be completely permanent, but it is definitely longer lasting than any other approach available! Alisa prefers to use a technique that simulates the look of natural hair strokes in the brows. Adding eyeliner helps the eye color to appear more vibrant. Finishing with a whisper of color to the lips to give her clients an overall Brighter & Fresher appearance.

NEEDLING is a growing art that, when used in conjunction with targeted skin care products, has made noticeable improvements to scar tissue and helping the face to appear more plump by waking up the skin. Therefore, reducing the appearance of wrinkles & expression lines, especially effective around the mouth and forehead.        

DERMA PLANING  is a safe alternative to Botox, Chemical Peels, and other injectables by removing dead cells that just rest on our face causing dull, uneven skin tones. This procedure also leaves the skin in prime condition to treat it with a Doctor Formulated Regimen that has proven to reverse the signs of aging. This is Alisa’s personal favorite with it’s patented ingredients to restore the moisture & elasticity loss due to our environment. 

These 3 advantages in the beauty industry can be key elements to having more stability and a stress free start to every day. Do your research and find a beauty consultant that will help you target your concerns and give you noticeable results!

A Natural, Realistic Approach to Permanent Makeup & Skin Cell Repair


Isn’t it crazy all this extra time that could be saved if we didn’t have to use conventional makeup to draw on our eyebrows, eyeliner & lip color each morning, especially when we watch it disappear throughout the day? Saving time, and always fixing herself in front of a mirror were the reasons Alisa chose to get Permanent Makeup over 20 years ago. Now with the progressive damage the sun and environmental debris are doing to our skin, this has led her to using a doctor formulated regimen to help combat these concerns. These may be 2 of your concerns as well, looking fresh and having healthy skin.

    At Profiles by Alisa we are focused on taking a natural, realistic approach in the Art of Permanent Makeup & Skin Cell Repair. 

Many of us are wanting to go through some type of a transition that will leave us feeling confident, and ready in a moments notice for work, family, and fun. Permanent Makeup, along with Skin Care Treatments and products, can help you achieve a successful transformation. Especially since our skin, and having a fresh appearance are high on the list in aiding to our self confidence.

After years of experience, and working with thousands of clients, Alisa has found that with the application of Permanent Makeup in conjunction with Skin Care Treatments, and doctor grade regimens; has helped put many smiles back on her clients faces. When tattooed makeup is applied to compliment the individuals natural color tones, and bone structure, this allows the artists live canvas of skin, and the ink to harmonize with one another. Her approach to treating the skin, along with the application of permanent makeup, have given her clients the freedom from the concerns of applying a conventional makeup, and the appearance of clearer, brighter, as well as; smoother looking skin.

Alisa enjoys the art of mastering the, “Hair stroke” technique, which helps her clients eyebrows appear so real. When eyebrows are combined with the permanent eyeliner, which we know enhances the overall appearance of the eyes, giving the color part of the eyes more clarity, and shine; these two procedures work together to erase years from a women’s appearance. By pigmenting the lips you can bring back that missing cupids bow that helps to add character along with the lip line; giving the lips an overall fuller look. Who could ask for more?

Now that the makeup is in place, lets clear the skin of those blemishes, dehydration and dark spots. Giving it back the elasticity along with that pink glow as we even out the skin tones, eliminating those fine lines. You will hear Alisa say that skin can look malnourished, and when you give it the right vitamins and nutrients it goes from that pruny look to a more plump, and hydrated appearance.

Permanent Makeup, Skin Care Treatments & Regimens are all part of Alisa’s expertise when it comes to problem solving. With the application of her unique technique, and doctor formulated products you will discover her approach to be a very natural looking alternative to laser and injection treatments. She can help connect you with answers to help resolve your beauty concerns, and recommend the best approach to fit your budget, and desired outcome.

Here is a fun skin fact for you:  Did you know as we approach our late 20’s our skin is already starting to break down? This is the ideal age Plastic Surgeons like you to start thinking about plastic surgery. Hard to believe but I have heard this to be true. Always, always use some type of a moisturizer. Any moisturizer is better than no moisturizer.

Have a great day, love to you all, and for any further questions you can reach Alisa at 419-680-1486 or by email at

Creating Beautiful Brows


These past few weeks of creating beautiful brows from the ages of 19-72 has reminded me that even after drawing on thousands of brows, at this point in my career, no 2 faces are the same. Each client has their own unique canvas the same as the identity of a fingerprint.

Taking the time to do a complete consultation gives me, as an artist, the opportunity to study the characteristics of the live canvas I will be drawing on.

The condition of the clients skin, whether it is dry or oily, are their pores large or small, what age group am I working with to allow room for the stretching of their skin, do they have droopy eyelids; these are just the beginning of an artists observation.

An artist can never go wrong when they stick to drawing on a classic brow. By doing this, they can keep the color to a more natural tonal value and a shape that can be utilized to create a timeless brow; allowing room for future hair strokes to be added as the client loses more natural hair with age, and the fading of pigment due to the elements their skin is exposed to.

I believe perfectly placed brows can be challenging when drawing on with either a pencil that can be wiped off or when using a tool for a lengthier time frame. Finding the right color tone and shape is essential to the longevity of the artists portrait. Their is a science to a brow design and a chemistry to formulating a color that lasts a duration of time and has a pleasing flow to the individuals overall appearance.

Future touchups are going to be necessary throughout the life of your creation. Like everything else that is exposed to environmental elements you will experience fading, and you want to ensure the best performance. These touchups normally range from 2-7 years depending on each clients preference and needs. These touch ups play a vital role in the longevity of maintaining a beautiful brow, and normally come with a lesser cost than the initial creation of the more permanent or long term eyebrow.

I also believe the most important feature of an individual is their brows, which ultimately is connected with the eyes. When one’s brows are missing or have broken sections in the natural flow, the onlooker tends to move their attention across the canvas of the person they are looking at and this can be disruptive to the person who is wanting to maintain a pleasing eye contact.

Over the years I have noticed the rise in confidence as my clients leave the artisans seat. Their whole body structure changes. They rise from the lounging chair with their shoulders parallel and ready to meet their onlookers with the reassurance of what they consider to be a flawless appearance; they now feel balance to the over all structure of the one part of their body that none of us can hide.

Yes we can mask it for a time period, but this becomes daunting after a while. Life can keep us busy with high demands that don’t allow time for us to put that perfect face on everyday with a pencil or powder.

A common fear most people will ask about is, “What will I look like while my brows are going through the scabbing period?” Here is a picture a client sent me yesterday after having her procedure on December 22, 2 weeks and 2 days after her brow treatment. All 3 pictures in this post are from a 19 year old someone had recommended to come see me because she was self conscience of having no eyebrows, and it was hard for her to get them even everyday while trying to keep up with her hectic lifestyle. When I called her to ask her if she could send me a picture she went on and on about how her and her friends love her brows, how natural they look, and she is so thankful for the time I took to make her feel comfortable enough to follow through with having them done. I responded with, “I too am thankful for you trusting in me to be the one to do them for you!”

I love the sparkle in these clients as they leave, and I look forward to them coming back in for more procedures until they’ve had their brows, eyeliner and lips done. This releases the stress of them having to take time to put makeup on at all!

One woman told me yesterday, “I don’t know what to do with myself any more in the mornings because I have all this free time now, so I sleep longer. I’ve never been able to do that before!”

All people have a beauty within them waiting to be discovered. Each having their own canvas, characteristics, personalities, color tones, and lifestyles. I am privileged to have discovered the talents God has placed in my fingers with a heart to pursue his purpose and a desire to help others discover their unique selves!

Thank you so much for adding to my life purpose by trusting me to design your Beautiful Brows!

Happy New Year, much love, and God bless you all!!

Alisa Florio

Today’s Beauty Report

Women want answers at Profiles by Alisa

Women want answers to these 2 most commonly asked questions, “What can I do about these lines on my face and how do I get rid of all this facial hair?” The solution is closer than you think!

Did you know, how we feel about ourselves on the inside shows up on the outside? Most of us experience stress as we do a balancing act trying to keep up with everyday life. And if you are like me and my clients… we are wanting the best way to achieve the quickest results when it comes to unwanted expression lines, and removing fuzzy, annoying hairs on our cheeks, chin and upper lip.

This is not only embarrassing, but can interfere with our conventional makeup going on smoothly; costing us more time and money as we apply layers of makeup to cover up these areas of concern, striving to give our faces the illusion of a fresher appearance.

Derma planing Facial Treatments are exactly what is needed to get you those quicker results! This treatment removes dead, unwanted skin cells that leave behind a dull appearance. By removing these unwanted cells your makeup will go on smoother giving you a more even coverage, and your application time is quicker with less product. This saves you time and money while helping your face look and feel fresh.

You will notice immediately after your Derma planing Facial that your moisturizers and your targeting serums go on smoother, and with greater ease and penetration. This results in diminishing fine lines and improving the texture of your skin. Your products will last longer because you will use less of them and achieve greater success in a shorter period of time.

Ultimately, you will receive just what you were looking for, your face will feel smooth with a more radiant, healthy glow!

If you are a woman wanting to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and get rid of unwanted facial hair, call Alisa today to schedule your Derma Planing Facial Treatment at 419-680-1486  

Add a Resurfacing Scrub Mask to your Derma Planing Facial for FREE. This gets even deeper into those target areas such as the corners of your nose, mouth, chin and forehead. By removing the summer debris that has collected, causing your pores to enlarge, you will allow your skin to enter into FALL with your face feeling more alive with its fresher, smoother texture. This special add on treatment is normally $45.00, but you can get it FREE with your Derma Planing Facial Treatment by taking advantage of this fast action response that will be gone in 5 days. Get your appointment scheduled today by calling Alisa at 419-680-1486 and say, “I’m In” to get your FREE Resurfacing Scrub Mask with the purchase of your Derma Planing Facial Treatment.

For more information on Derma Planing and it’s benefits you can click on the picture to the left or go to

Today’s Beauty Report

What are these hard white bumps on my face and how do I get rid of them?

Many women who come to me for Dermaplanning facials are wanting to know what these white things are on their face, and the most common response I have for them is, “You have milia but the good news is, I can help you with this, and it is normally very treatable with speedy results.”

Then I go on to explain what milia is, how it forms and what to do to get rid of it. So let’s take a few moments to inform all of my readers on milia with today’s beauty report.

Milia is the small, hard, seed-like cysts, normally white in color that form on the skin’s surface from keratinized dead skin cells that get trapped underneath the surface of the skin.

Milia is commonly found on babies because their skin is learning how to exfoliate, or slough off the dead skill cells. As the skin reproduces and leaves behind these dead cells they rest on the skin and get trapped in the pores causing these tiny bumps. Sometimes these bumps can also be called Comedone’s, which is a Dermatologist term for clogged pores.

I have found most of my teen and adult clients who are experiencing these outbreaks of milia or comedones have similar stories such as: stress, lack of time to spend on their skin, hormonal imbalances, and unhealthy eating habits. Ultimately, leaving them feeling frustrated from trying to find a solution that works!

How can you take action?

Here are some tips to preventing and helping to get rid of milia and comedones.

  1. Cleanse with Salicylic Face & Body Wash a micro-exfoliating cleanser with 2% salicylic acid for enhanced dead cell removal and coconut oil to balance the skins moisture levels. This is 100% fragrance & sulfate free. Unclogs pores and improves pigment while clearing those unwanted bumps from your face, back of arms & elbows, shoulders & back, and anywhere else you want to smooth the skins texture.
  2. After cleansing tone your skin with Dual Action Toner to help refine skin’s texture and dissolve oil & debris inside the pores. Daily use will give the skin a gentle microscopic exfoliation and leave it with a healthy radiance.
  3. You can catapult your results by adding Green Tea Antioxidant Serum to your daily regiment.
  4. While using a moisturizer is vital to helping preserve the elasticity of your skin clients report that they have a hard time finding a moisturizer that doesn’t feel heavy or cause more breakouts. Clarifying Moisturizer may be your answer. This oil-free hydrator will improve & brighten overstressed skin.
  5. Remove these dead that rest on your skin by taking action:                                                                            A.   Apply small amount of cleanser then use a nylon buff ball, that will not scratch the skin, and make circular movements to cleanse and remove debris, rinse with luke warm water.  B.   Apply a small amount of cleanser to an exfoliating glove and make upward circles to slough of dead cells, rinse with luke warm water.
  6. Go to a trained professional to have Derma planning Facials that will slough off these dry, dead cells that just rest on your face creating havoc. After having a derma planning facial and all the excess debris is removed, this is when your skin will benefit the most by using a mask to super charge your results. Leaving your skin feeling nourished from essential vitamins and nutrients to allow oxygen to have a clearer pathway to regenerize you!


Today is the day for you to get started on getting that New Healthy Glow, call Alisa Florio at 419-680-1486 or go to Profiles by Alisa and click the category on the upper left corner to begin your search of my online skin care store and see products and videos that will help you discover the best solution to get the skin care results you are looking for today!


Thank you for clicking into TODAY’S BEAUTY REPORT and you have a wonderful day!

Alisa Florio

Today’s Beauty Report


Are you tired of dealing with unwanted acne? In July’s 2017 edition of, Today’s Beauty Report we will dig deeper into the causes and cures of acne outbreaks by summing up years of experience with studying and helping clients understand what causes acne and how to respond to outbreaks to achieve clearer, more beautiful results.

You will discover the 5 most common causes of acne breakouts my clients have been concerned with over the past 30 years. Following this list you will also discover the 5 most effective solutions that have helped these same clients feel more confident, and experience the results they have been searching for.

  The 5 Main Causes of Acne Breakouts:

  1. Eating & drinking habits      Did you know that caffein and fried foods is probably the #1 culprit of causing acne, especially in teens? It is very important to incorporate drinking at least 2-3 large glasses of water afterward to help flush the bad elements left behind from your system.
  2. Health, Stress & Medication     Many people who take medication for both health and recreational reasons experience the cause and effects on how their body responds to these medications. Depending on the need for these medication, they can cause acne because of the chemical imbalance or even balance they put a persons body into.                                                                                                                 
  3. Environment & Cleansing habits     Some people’s work place has little ventilation and they’re around fumes, dust, dirt or wear protective covering which cause them to sweat or prevent their skin from breathing. Working in the elements of nature can also cause acne from the free radical pollutants floating freely in the air. It is important for clients working in these environments to have a good cleansing routine before and after work to remove the residue left behind. Certain work conditions and lack of good cleansing habits can cause your pores to enlarge from trapped debris under the surface of the skin, creating irritation and resulting in unwanted acne breakouts.                                                                                        
  4. Pre-Teen & Teen Acne     The stress levels for our teens today is huge! The pressure to fit in and have a sense of belonging weighs heavy on many, if not most of them! Poor eating habits are also a concern. Teens tend to lean toward fast food or foods they can grab & go, energy drinks and caffeine to keep them charged. This is one of those times in life when hormones are going wacky and creating the body to respond with acne breakouts that turn frustrating. Many teens tend to pinch and prod at the breakouts causing more irritation and even scarring.                                                                                                                                            
  5. Pre & Post Menopause    Many women will come to me and say, “Why am I having acne breakouts at my age?”  Women can experience menopausal breakouts even a few years before they are in full blown menopause. Normally these breakouts will begin around the chin area and as they are approaching the final stages, or “POST” menopause, the acne seems to spread more upward on the cheek line. Again this is stress related due to the whacky hormonal activity taking place in her body. Exercise and drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be very beneficial.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Now that you have a better understanding of how different age groups, life choices and physical as well as mental conditions can cause unwanted stress and acne breakouts, let’s shift our gears to learn more about how we can make the choices that create effective solutions.


 The 5 Most Effective Solutions

  1. Eating & Drinking Habits    Try to limit boxed, package and fried foods. Work towards incorporating more fresh raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Make drinking 3-4 tall glasses of water a day part of your daily routine for healthier looking skin. Cranberry with Pomegranate Juice is an effective antioxidant for flushing out your body. My personal favorite is a blend of cranberry, orange and pomegranate juice. I have gotten into the habit of making my own smoothies as a great way to blend the more healthier foods in with my unhealthy favorites to get clear skin results and a balanced eating habit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         One of my favorite smoothy recipes: 1 cup of vanilla yogurt, 5 leafs of spinach, 2 small carrots, mixed handful of frozen blueberries, cherries, strawberries, 1 banana, 1 tbs. crunchy peanut butter, squirt of honey, 1 tsp cinnamon  YUMMY! Here is a link to some other smoothy recipes for you to try.
  2. Health, Stress & Medications    I want to start out by addressing those of you who are using medications as a form of recreation, if you are struggling to find your purpose know that you are not alone. Their are many stories of those who have turned to drugs as a way to cope and have found out the hard way that this is not a solution. Each of us is the author of our life and we are also the directors. Yes there are struggles and circumstances that come our way that are out of our control, BUT, we CAN control how we get through them. We can control our thoughts and you need to know this, our thoughts are who we are and lead us to were we are going! If you are in a personal struggle with health, drugs, heartbreak, divorce, loss of a loved one, no financial freedom, fighting cancer, mental illness or many other life conditions and you are wanting to find your way through these struggles and create a better life; please click on this book to order your copy today! You will learn tools which when they are applied, can help you achieve success!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It is very important to get proper rest! Our bodies require an average of 6-8 hours of sleep daily to regenerate and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Many of us may even need a 20 minute cat nap to help reboot your energy level by mid afternoon. Taking a vitamin that focuses on your age frame, your energy level and health needs, is also vital to living a fuller life. If you are pregnant you will need a vitamin to focus on you and the baby. If you are over 50 and active you will need a vitamin to help you maintain your stamina throughout your day. Most of us need daily vitamins to supplement what our bodies require to feel healthy and sustain a natural energy level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Do whatever you can to eliminate unnecessary stress and taking of medications! Some medications are necessary but try to reduce them, if you can, by how you eat, rest and exercise. I have found that if I focus on the good in life and keep clear of things that I or others do that make me feel a restriction within myself, my stress level is significantly lower. When we shift our thoughts to how we can help rather than what is wrong, it is almost automatic and without fail that our bodies feel a lift, shifting and releasing unwanted weight from our shoulders.
  3. Environment & Cleansing Habits      Have you ever worked outside in your yard or cleaned a dusty basement and looked in the mirror and seen a light mask of dirt? This is actually how our pores look after environmental exposure unnoticed to the naked eye on a daily basis. When our pores get clogged with debris this sets us up for acne, blackheads and whiteheads. There are two things my mom showed me to do when I was a little girl: #1 Clean my face at the end of the day to remove all makeup and debris. #2 Apply a moisturizer that helps to protect and keep the elastin healthy and strong to prevent pre-mature aging. Mom always said, “A good moisturizer will keep you from aging early!”                                                                                                                                                                                                             Finding a cleanser that promotes acne clear skin can be challenging for those who are more prone to breakouts. From experience, I have learned that if you are going to purchase a cleanser from the market, plain old fashioned Dial seems to be gentler than most. However, most acne prone people will need the extra help from a targeted cleanser to meet their needs. Salicylic Face & Body Wash is my most popular selling acne and all purpose cleanser I offer. 5% BP Cleanser is a Benzoyl Peroxide based cleanser that also helps clear acne prone skin. These cleansers are very concentrated and people normally get months of use from 1 bottle. Using a moisturizer for both the hydration and prevention of elastin breakdown is vital to your daily regimen. If you are wanting to even out your skin tones and build strength, my top selling soy based, multi-purpose moisturizer, Ultra Benefit  delivers extraordinary results. And for those individuals who have oily skin there is Oil Free Moisturizer. My #1 selling Pumpkin clarifying Mask frees you from unwanted blackheads and whiteheads, clears clogged pores producing smoother, brighter skin.                                                                                                  
  4. Pre-Teen & Teen Acne    One of the most important questions I get from my clients is, “How do I get my teen to use the products they need to clear their skin and prevent scarring?” The best thing you can do for them is to have the products they need available and within their reach. You can also use these multi-purpose products as a testimony. Although I am recommending a regimen to promote clear skin, these products work exceptionally well for cleaning deep within your pores to create healthier looking skin. By using these cleansers and a gentle face buffer you will be removing debris which in turn closes down those large pores. Remember to reduce, if not totally eliminate, all junk foods such as: chips, fried foods, chocolate, caffein, soda… I think you get the idea. Have lots of water to help flush toxins free from your body. Teens who are experiencing heavy breakouts may have to wash their face at least 2-3 times a day to help reduce the active sebaceous oils.                                                                                                        
  5. Pre & Post Menopause    I remember at the age of 38 I asked my mom why I was having acne breakouts and hot flashes and she said, “You are probably in the Pre stages of Menopause!”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Mom went on to tell me that she started menopause at the age of 38 as well and by the age of 40 she was finished. Never had another female cycle again. So there you go ladies, we never know how young or old menopause may begin or end. But, what I do know are some things we can do to help us get through this transition a little smoother. Although some woman may choose hormone therapy I chose to work through the transition with vitamins, exercise and healthy sleeping and eating habits. I am one of those rare people that require 5-6 hours of sleep a day and have a high metabolism. But when I crash, I crash. My body requires 3-4 tall classes of water daily to prevent leg and body cramping. Green leafy vegetables help with energy and to balance out my overall wellness. I have started eating more salads with a mixture of red and green leaf lettuce, spinach, carrots, mushrooms, onions, cilantro, orange slices, strawberries with a few nuts and very, very light dressing. I like to start off my morning with 1 egg and a little cheese for my protein and sometime throughout the day throw in some chicken, fish, salmon or other small amount of meat. Another quick protein snack is lightly toasted multi-grain bread, spread with crunchy peanut butter, honey, and 1 tsp. of cinnamon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   During this time of pre & post menopause women start to notice a more rapid breakdown of the elastin in their skin. Many times this produces not only reliving those teen years with acne outbreaks but also the onset of wrinkles getting deeper and more profound. I have learned that although daily vitamins are very effective to help with maintaining healthy bones and stamina it may also be necessary to add Vitamin A and Flaxseed oil to our normal regime of vitamins. Vitamin A and Flaxseed have proven to help control acne outbreaks in women going through menopause.  Many women like the feeling of the sunshine and being out in comfortable temperatures, usually around 70-80 degrees to get a healthy dose of natural sunlight. Using sunblock protection is very important and can help preserve the health of your skin.              If you are looking for a skin care regime that will deliver results here is my #1 selling kit available to help repair and restore new skin cell reproduction. This kit contains your ChamomileFace & Body Wash, C-Stem (which is the only Vitamin C on the market to combat the pollutants automobiles put into our environment that is causing great concern for our skin). And Ultra Benefits Moisturizer.                                                                                                                             With this skin care line you are promised to receive 30+ years of expert experience from Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists from around the world to address your skin care concerns. You will be treated on an individual basis so that you can express your concerns and receive expert advise to target you specific needs. If you would like to get started today on any of these skin care items just lick on their links or the pictures proven within the text and it will take you directly to the desired page. If you need help to place your order or make decisions on what your specific needs may be please feel free to contact Alisa Florio at 419-680-1486. Get started today on products that will produce the results your have been searching for by placing your order here!