No More Tears With Jesus

If you are trying to rise above your situation or circumstances that seem to have control over you, preventing you from living a richer, fuller life; understand this….these situations and circumstances cannot control you without your consent. There is a power alive in you that can shift you toward your success!  I want to encourage you to search deep within your spirit and ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. “What is it that I love to do?”

All of us have a talent but unfortunately some of us have not discovered it yet. My hope is to lead you to the “Super Power” within yourself that can lead you to living the life you love to live. When we focus on what it is that we love, we find an internal energy that we didn’t realize we had. I want you to understand this fact, wherever you place your time and energy; it will grow! Therefore, if you focus your time and energy on what you are lacking you will experience more lack. If you focus your time and energy on something that you love doing, something that makes you feel alive and gives you a sense of purpose; you will watch this grow! So remember this, “If you could do anything in your life, what would you do? What is the life you would love living?” Would you be a pre-school teacher, a doctor, a writer? What is it you would love to do? The side of you that you give more time and energy to; is the side that will win. There are ways to shift our thinking and get a clearer vision of what we want. There is a system for transformational thinking and it does work; I have done it!

2. “What am I thankful for?”

What do you have in your life “right now” that leaves you feeling thankful? Through self awareness I have discovered that living life from a state of thankfulness has led me to living a much more joyful life. Now this does not mean that circumstances do not come knocking on my door, but it does mean that I have the choice in how I respond to these circumstances. I have learned I can either live out a solution by design or fall into a victim status. I have never found a richer, fuller feeling in life through feeling as if I am a victim. Responding from a victim status leaves us with the feelings of hurt and lack. We feel we don’t have finances or essential materials or resources that would help us out of our situation. Ultimately, our mind makes us believe we are stuck because we have limiting thoughts that have not been transformed yet on the truths!

Find that part in you that makes you feel confident… leaving you with a thought of thankfulness. When we get in this state of gratitude we can explore what makes us FEEL OF PURPOSE, knowing that YOU MATTER!

It is vital for each of us to have a sense of value, and with this sense of value comes the desire to grow and build the skills to experience a successful outcome. Each of us have a unique, in-ate ability that, when discovered and utilized, we experience a richer, fuller life.. Through trial and error I have learned when I keep my hands busy doing good things, good things come from it.

Learn to get quiet and listen, the solution is inside of you. Visualize yourself on the other side of your circumstance!

Get quiet. Listen. There is a soft voice inside of you trying to get your attention. This is often referred to as a still, small voice. This voice will lead you to discovering what you love and help you find the solution to get to the other side of your circumstances.

It is amazing how inspired we become when we have something to cling on to; especially in our tough times. We have a live spirit that lives in us just waiting for us to call out for help. Wanting to be involved in our personal circumstance and lead us into living the life we love living.

Yes, each one of us have fears and when we try escaping these fears and lose the battle, it can keep us from entering into an unknown territory; we tend to fall into a repetitive lifestyle because this fear wins over in us. Did you know that most of our fears never even come true, and you can actually control your life even when fear tells you you can’t?  Every time your fear wants to tell you why you can’t do something say back to it, “I will face you later, but for now I am going to try something new!”

I am not asking you to try to beat this fear out of your thinking process, but, I am asking you to invite your fear to come along with you and seek out the help from a proven system that will help you find the proper tools you need to add to your tool belt so you can experience a richer, fuller life. When we begin to make this shift from our limiting beliefs, this is when we really start to come alive.

I met Jesus personally while battling cancer. Then life took twists and turns toward divorce, some of my loved ones fighting drug addiction and being diagnosed with mental illness, and most recently the loss of people through death or the ending of some of those not so healthy relationships. I tried so hard to keep all the bad things in the world from me and my family, while these bad things in the world were trying to enter my home and tear our world apart.

When Jesus showed himself to me and said, “Everything is going to be alright!” His love pierced my heart and he began to work with me on changing who I was and he made me promises that started with, I am the same yesterday, today & forever.

It took me awhile to learn the value of this relationship and to put it above any other. I had to learn to trust, since trust was not alive in me anymore.

He encouraged me to see that I was worth something other than the lies I was beginning to believe. Sometimes we have to become broken so Jesus can help us become strong. Now I wear this coat of armor that only God can hand to us. He comforts us with his grace and showers us with his love. Jesus cleanses the filth from our past and wipes away tears; turning them to joy.

Today I live in thankfulness, with a tremendous passion to connect people with Jesus and introduce them to the tools that he has provided to help free our minds from these limiting beliefs the world would like us to believe. In this book, “No More Tears With Jesus,” a love story will unfold on who Jesus really is. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, I hope this book will lead you to the bridge that walks with us, to meet our loving Father, and helps us enter into an eternal love and life!

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