Did you know the sun and automobiles break down your skin making you look years older than you

really are? Ask your Beauty Consultant today if your skin would benefit from having a Derma Planing

Treatment and where you can have this refreshing service done. Derma Planing will remove the old,

dead skin cells that rest on your face causing your skin to appear blotchy, and dull. This treatment

allows you to see the immediate improvements on your first visit. The benefits you will see are:

-Brighter looking skin   – Pores become smaller and free from debris   – Facial lines, and

expression wrinkles appear smoother   –  Blotchy, uneven skin tones & age spots lessen

leaving the skin color looking more even; giving an overall healthier appearance.

                                              You will receive 2 added bonuses with the Derma Planing Treatment

1. Removal of peach fuzz and facial hair. With each Derma Planing visit you will notice your

facial hair becomes weaker and lesser. 2. You will save money on your foundation when

you use less makeup and love the ease of your makeup applications.

Call your Beauty Professional today and feel the luxury of a smoother complexion. If you need help or have any

further questions please feel free to contact Alisa Florio at Profiles by Alisa, 419-680-1486.