How to find someone who does Permanent Makeup?

 Women are wanting their makeup to be stress free!

This is the time of year when women are looking for ways to change up their hair styles, searching for a skin care regimen to bring back that new healthy glow and wanting someone to give them those carefree brows, eyeliner that stays, and lips that have some vibrancy. If you are looking for an answer to:

How to find someone who does permanent makeup or micro blading?

Like any life changing appearance, we want to feel confident and trust the person who is helping us achieve permanent results.

This article will help those of you who are considering having your eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color done so you can wake up looking fresh everyday, and all day. This is especially important during the warmer months when women struggle with keeping makeup on throughout the day.

These are some of the most common concerns I hear from clients when they use their conventional makeup:

  • Eyeliner Smudges and creases
  • Brows sweating off or looking uneven
  • Struggle with creating an arch that won’t droop
  • Lips lose their shape and have no color from natural fading
  • Loss of brows and eyelashes due to illness, medications or stress

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Important things to know

  Do your research

Take time to ask for, and see before & after pictures when you go to meet your professional for your consultation.

Ask a lot of questions. Remember this is not like a shirt you can take off if you aren’t happy with the color or shape. Make sure you feel confident with your technicians recommendations and their understanding of the color pallet of your skin and the pigment choices that work best with your natural hair & skin tones.

Ask how the color will react to your skin over the long term. Understanding color theory and how it responds with your skin is a unique science and takes years of practice to perfect. The skin is a live canvas, we have to treat and recognize the characteristics of it.

  Ask for credentials 

You want to know where the technician you are considering received their education. It’s amazing the number of procedures being performed without the proper education and experience.

Corrective makeup procedures was one of the first things I learned in this industry from so many makeup applications that had gone bad and people requesting correction work.

Do not be misled that laser treatments can fix it. Laser cannot get rid of all pigments, multiple treatments are needed and it is very expensive to have done.

Prices for permanent cosmetics are universal according to the skill and demand in which the technician you are choosing falls into. Like many pricing levels, they go from model and beginner pricing to inter-mediate and then you have the top skilled licensees.

Cost should be considered but not your deciding factor, rather the skills are what you want to look for. If you do not feel completely comfortable with your technician then it is not the right time or the right experience.

  Natural is always best

It is always best to go with a more natural look when deciding on your lasting makeup. Trends change and when you choose a more natural appearance, you can add different pencil shades over your permanent color with a conventional makeup to create a change or to add a dramatic or trendy evening look.

Many people like to use conventional makeup to extend the outer corners of their eyeliner with additional color when they are wanting a soft enhancement. With permanent lip color you can add any pencil or creme overtop the permanent lip color to change the vibrancy that will compliment any occasion or color of clothing. Brow pencil can be added for dash of change to your look also.

  Are touch-up visits needed?

When you have your makeup procedure done you should follow up with a touch-up visit, this allows for any additional color or hair strokes that are needed. Normal touch-up visits are scheduled for 5 -6 weeks from the date you have your makeup done. Experienced technicians will wait for this full process to take place. It is very important to allow the proper healing and implantation of the color before going for your touch up visit.

The skin consists of layers and the pigment goes into the upper dermal layer to its final resting place, after whats known as: the sloughing or exfoliation period and this is where the color placement will remain.

Everyone’s skin takes to the implanting of pigment differently. Most clients will have their initial procedures in one visit and one touch up visit at 6 wks.  Although there are occasions when more visits are required depending on the clients desired outcomes and how their skin accepts pigmenting.

Many clients come to me for help with the silver lined skin or halo outlines from procedures gone wrong and the technician is not allowing proper healing time. It is important to wait the proper timing for your touch up to give the skin a chance to fully heal and to know exactly where the pigment will rest. The canvas of skin on the face is different from anywhere else on the body.

  Refresher visits

On an average clients normally return to freshen up their makeup procedure every 4-5 years. Although there are those occasions when a client asks for specific colors and techniques that require every 2 years.

Most technicians charge a lesser amount for these refresher visits or what’s referred to as a touch up fee, rather than paying the full price again.

These are some important steps to take when you are wanting to go longer between touchups:

  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Avoid anti-aging products on permanent makeup areas.
  • Before going into a pool, hot tub, tanning beds, or the ocean apply vaseline to protect the site from fading.
  • When getting chemical peels, injections, fillers & laser skin care treatments, be sure to stay clear of your permanent makeup sites.

Over the past years I have performed hundreds of procedures and many people have been able to enjoy the benefits of their permanent makeup. Do your research so you can go into this confidently and come away with great results.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask please feel free to contact Alisa Florio at 419-680-1486